About My Work

Cheryl Cromer PhD MetaphysicsI use a deck of Tarot Cards; however, I don’t actually “read Tarot cards” since I do not know the traditional meanings of the cards. That may seem unusual, but for me the cards are a tool to achieve our objective. The cards function much like a spoon does for a chef, a nail does for a carpenter, or a needle does for a quilter. There are other ways to cook, join or sew, but those tools are chosen because they are especially useful for their applications.

The cards provide a pathway to my intuition and give structure and focus to the information I receive. They make the information more specific and actionable for you.

Usually we do a general look at the beginning of a reading. The general look gives insight into the energy around you at that time, and gives a context for the remaining information. Following the general look we focus on your specific questions. The more specific your questions are the more understandable the information will be to you and the more you will be able to use it with confidence.

Some of the topics people ask about are major life choices, relationship issues and choices (either within an existing relationship or in the absence of a relationship), real estate decisions, health, family, friends, career/workplace questions, business decisions including partnerships and employees, and many other areas specific to the person I am working with at the time. We often see how past events are either consciously or unconsciously affecting the present.

We also are able to see the potential future results of various actions that might be taken. In this way you have  information available for clearing issues from the past and for making better informed choices for your future.